Annual Fireworks Display — 5th November

Each year, on the 5th November, Leigh Cricket Club puts on their annual Fireworks Display. It’s one of the main sources of funding for their Cricket, Tennis & Bowling sporting activities. Over the past several years well over 1000 people come each year to this event and their support is greatly appreciated.


Two displays are put on, first a Children’s Display, designed for youngsters and with no use of large noise fireworks. Then around 30 mins later there is the main display, where many much larger fireworks are used. We usually spend more each year on our display and in 2017 it was well over £3000.

Professional Display Team

For the past several years the club has used a well respect Fireworks Company, who have provided a professional team using the latest and safest fireworks technology. The fireworks release area is set well back on our Cricket pitch, with a safety cordon well beyond the minimum required.

Other Attractions

Neil Pont Fairgrounds have been at all the more recent events and provided fairground rides at extra cost to the admission, along with food and drink stalls.

There is typically a Children’s Entertainer in the Club’s function room, which is especially handy for those youngsters who may rather be inside when the main display starts. The Club also has its own caterers supplying food, along with 3 indoor bars and usually 1 outdoor, along with a sweets & soft drinks stall.


Reduced price family tickets for 2 adults + 2 children U14 are available up to 24 hours before the display. Cash Tickets can also be purchased on the gates on the day, with reduced prices for U14 children and U2’s are FREE. Several shops and businesses in Leigh also have advance/family tickets available.

Event Info

For the latest even information on the coming display, please see our EVENTS page for the current 5th November poster.

Safety First

Please note that no Fireworks are allowed to be brought in by the public, especially SPARKLERS. The extremely high temperatures of discarded sparklers present a very high risk of serious injury to youngsters who may pick them up, or stand on them with the typical lower protection of toddler’s footwear.

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